Have you tried our functional Sled?

Have you tried our functional Sled?

Sled training isn’t just for power-focused training, it can benefit many people with its functionality! Here are just some of the many benefits that you can gain from when incorporating sled training into your routine!

3 Workout Benefits In One (Power, Strength and Size)

The sled pull has a muscle contract over long durations, typically at least 30 seconds (unless done for acceleration purposes). When contracting and producing force, sometimes near maximal levels, if the sled is heavy, can create significant strength and size adaptations. Durations of 60-90 seconds can work muscular endurance and hypertrophy, 30-60 seconds producing strength and hypertrophy, with sprint’s of 5-15 seconds working the anaerobic power systems.

Works Both Upper and Lower Body

The legs, glutes, core, back, shoulders, and arms are all thrust into action during this highly demanding and metabolic workout option, regardless of speed being used or load. Yes, you can manipulate certain variables and change variations to better highlight certain muscle groups, however the systemic stress placed upon the anaerobic and aerobic systems is felt throughout the entire system.

Fat loss

Sled training can be great for helping to lose subcutaneous fat (just below the skin), as it can be used for anaerobic (interval) training. Compared to aerobic training, anaerobic training protocols are significantly more effective for fat loss, because you keep burning fat even after you stop working out!

Acceleration for Athletes

A critical element of almost every sport, athletes are always working to improve their acceleration. Training with a sled is a form of sprint conditioning, forcing the body to move against a controlled resistance, improving speed and power and working hard with every rep.

Injury Prevention & Rehabilitation

Although a difficult and challenging workout, there is very little risk of injury when using a sled. It helps build and fatigue muscles without too much load. Sled training is often used in injury rehabilitation and prevention as a safer more controlled version of sprint work. And since sled training only has a concentric movement, it’s a great way to work your muscles without beating them up too much.


If you are stuck for ideas on what to do, try this quick but effective HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workout the next time you are in to boost your fat loss and gain some strength. Be warned, High Intensity MEANS High Intensity!

First, as always, make sure you are adequately warmed up before you start any strenuous exercise. Either warm up on one of the cardio machines available such as the rower, elliptical, stationary bike or treadmill for approximately 3-5 min on low to moderate intensity.

1: Position yourself behind the sled on the end that has the two parallel small bars set lower down (this is because this starting position is harder than the normal push version with the two bars that are set vertically) so you will want to have enough energy to do the harder push in the first phase.

2: You will begin to push the sled with as much force as you can all the way to the other end of the sled area.

3: Then, you will push it back again but from the other side of the sled (the two bars that are set vertically).

4: When you push it back, you will the immediately load on a weight plate. For beginners, start with 5kg to get a feel of the workout and its intensity. Repeat the previous steps pushing it there and back then load another 5kg plate onto the sled.

5: Continue until you have 4-5 plates stacked on the sled. Once you have pushed back your final load, you can then REST 1-2 min.

6: Then repeat the previous steps but instead of putting more on, you will now take them off each time (weight goes up then down, like a PYRAMID).

7: Once you are left with nothing on the sled, you are now done!

So what are you waiting for? Come on down to Hammer’s Gym 24/7, where you can reap all the benefits of sled training today!

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