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Teen Kix

What is ‘Teen Kix?

The Hammer’s Gym Adult Muay Thai Kickboxing curriculum is specifically modified for teenagers. Designed to provide similar benefits to the “Kids Kix” curriculum, Teen Kix prepares teens for adult classes and encourages maturity in fitness and conduct.

The Teens Kix program is structured, allowing teens to progress through the levels based on their skills, whilst still being fun and engaging, with a strong emphasis on technique.

The classes are held twice a week from 4:30pm during school term.


Teen Tournaments:

Hammer’s Gym offers the ‘Teens Kix’ students the opportunity to put their learning and efforts into practice by hosting regular sparing tournaments. This gives the students a healthy sense competition and achievement.

Fully Structured Grading System:

Hammer’s Gym teaches a fully structured Muay Thai Kickboxing curriculum which is adapted to teenagers, to incorporate a progressive grading system. The curriculum has been taught for the past 20 years and was developed by Kru Mark Castagnini.


Building Social Skills:

Teen Kix provides a social atmosphere that is a positive and healthy alternative to other recreational pastimes. The curriculum encourages team building, friendship, respecting others and communication; skills that teens can bring to their home, classroom and future careers.


Martial arts can help teenagers bridge the difficult gap between childhood and early maturity. Teen Kix teaches key skills and increases confidence in a social setting, helping to assist with the transition into adulthood.

Stress relief:

As adults, we often underestimate the level of stress and anxiety that children face on a daily basis. Recognising stress and learning how to manage it are important life skills for teenagers. Teen Kix helps to reduce stress by giving teens a sense of relief and relaxation through exercise, and encourages a healthy lifestyle.

Enjoyable education:

Teen Kix is structured so that teens learn new skills, get a great work out and have a lot of fun in the process. The instructors balance serious training with light-hearted instruction and fun exercises. Our teens always enjoy themselves when they participate in Teen Kicks, and look forward to returning!

Member Availability

Available to High Schoolers aged 13-17 years old.



  • Teens Kix Novice


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  • Teens Kix Novice


  • Teens Kix Int/Adv


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