With Hammer’s Spin Class you can Have Fun  Reduce stress Boost confidence Improve co-ordination Lose weight burning calories Achieve better fitness Improve balance and coordination Strengthen your upper- body and core Boost your endurance Improve your cardio-vascular health

Hammer’s Spin Class

If you’re looking for a fun and exhilarating workout that welcomes all fitness levels…look no further. Our Hammer’s Spin Classes are a super-efficient and ultra-fun way to burn those calories… All while having the time of your life!

We’re not kidding either…
Jump onto a state-of-the-art Precor spin bike and ride on the flats, up massive valleys, and speed down the slopes…

All while being motivated by electrifying music and an enthusiastic certified instructor!

People of all fitness levels are welcome. You control the resistance and pedal speed to create the perfect intensity for yourself. Our Hammer’s Gym Spin classes are low impact on your joints. If you suffer from knee or hip pain when running attending our Spin class is a perfect substitute to push your cardio.

As soon as you begin pedaling, you’ll eliminate every bit of stress from your body. Our members just can’t stop going to this action-packed class…

Such is the power of our exhilarating classes that provide REAL results. Give it a go and we guarantee you’ll come out of class raving about the good time you had with all your friends!



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