Frequently Asked Questions

No extra fees are charged to attend our classes. Our Silver membership includes our fitness classes and our Gold includes all classes provided.

Respective to your membership type, you can attend all classes throughout the week. If you’d like to attend a Yoga class, a Boxing Fitness class then train in our commercial gym area you can! You are not limited to how many classes you attend per day or per week!

The only way ‘fit people’ become fit, is by going to the gym! All of our classes, whether fitness or martial arts, are programmed to get you there. There’s no such thing as ‘I’m not fit enough for group classes’ or ‘I need to lose weight before I go the gym’.

All you need to do is show up. Once you do, you’ll see improvements.

We do not compare you to others in your class, how many push ups you’ve done or how fast you can punch. We care about you showing up, working hard, having fun and improving YOU.

Our 24/7 gym facility is available to all members. Our members receive a fob key upon signing up. You can enter the gym using this fob key by scanning it at the doors.

Both the sauna and massage chairs are free to use to all members.

Being nervous before you try something new is what every member at our gym has felt in one way or another. Coming out of your comfort zone may be nerve racking, but it is the only way you can improve yourself and over come these fears.

After one class you will begin to see our difference. Not only do we provide top quality classes, but our community and energy within the gym is similar to a large welcoming family.

Quick tip: If you are feeling extra nervous let a staff member know and we will take extra care in transitioning you into the club. Better yet, if you have a friend or family member you would like to bring along, they’re free to join you for your first class or training session.

To start your training all you need is some comfortable training clothing. We recommend bringing a towel and drink bottle too.

No, you can sign up online or over the phone! Click here to contact us.

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