Muay Thai

Learn the Martial Art of Muay Thai in a safe and friendly environment with our world class instructors

A reality based Martial Art, Muay Thai Kickboxing classes at Hammer’s Gym utilise all eight weapons of the body such as; fists, feet, knees and elbows.

There is a strong focus on developing the correct skills, movements and techniques associated with Muay Thai, while improving your physical fitness, stamina, discipline, confidence and overall well-being.

Hammer’s Gym Instructors teach a fully structured systemised Muay Thai Kickboxing curriculum, with safety and progressive learning as the main priority. The classes incorporate a World recognised grading/teaching system for each student

The Hammer’s curriculum is recognised by the WMC (World Muay Thai Council) and Hammer’s Muay Thai is also affiliated with the MTSI (Muay Thai Systems International)

And has been taught for the past 25 years developed by Head Instructor and Founder Kru Mark “Hammer” Castagnini. The system has produced many very proficient greatly skilled Martial Artists and a great number of National and even International Champions.

Member Availability

Available to all Gold members.

At Hammers Gym we have multiple Muay Thai classes running weekly.
Click here for timetable

Learn our self-defence techniques that are applicable not only in the ring but out in the real world.

Have fun getting fit and making friends as Hammers gym is known for its friendly community of members.

From Novice, Intermediate to advanced we can provide the best training for any individuals needs with our grading structure making the progression of learning the Martial Arts seamless and enjoyable.

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