Boxing Technique

Boxing technique class encompasses our structured Boxing Curriculum which focuses on correct form, footwork, striking and defence required for boxing. Boxing Technique is in line with Hammer’s Gym fully structured progressive grading system.

After three months of consistent training, students have the opportunity to grade to the first of the Intermediate levels. Subsequent gradings occur at the student’s own pace, but not with less than three months of consistent training. Students then progress from Intermediate into the Advanced levels.

Grading is not mandatory, but provides a training goal to focus upon, a sense of achievement on completion, and a formal opportunity to receive feedback on technique and gauge personal development.

Benefits of Boxing – Technique

  • Grading Curriculum
  • Technical Sparring
  • Boost confidence
  • Improve co-ordination
  • Opportunities to compete  
  • Achieve better fitness
  • Improve Self Defence

Amateur/professional opportunities:

If you have previously trained and are looking at fighting. Hammer’s Gym offers many avenues for you to compete at a higher level. Hammer’s Gym hosts Warriors Way Events which is a great way to begin your career. Hammer’s Gym has a 95%-win ratio which proves that our training is effective.

Member Availability

Available to all Gold members.

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