6 Ways to get fit in 10 minutes or less

6 Ways to get fit in 10 minutes or less

  1. 10 Minutes of Running 

A professor of sports science John Brewer has explained that improved blood pressure, getting rid of excess body fat and lower cholesterol levels in the blood can be achieved with just 5 – 10 minutes of running a day. A 2014 study published in Journal of the American College of Cardiology involving 55,137 adults showed that running 5 – 10 minutes at speeds less than 10km/h was associated with reduced risk of death for all causes and cardiovascular disease. Hammer’s Gym hosts the worlds premium running machines from precor which can help you track your progress on all runs.

  1. 7 minutes of circuit training (HIIT)

In 2013 a paper was published in the renounced American College of Sports Medicine’s Health and Fitness Journal challenged our perspective on what constitutes an “effective” gym session. Rather than waiting for machines to be available this 7 minute workout only involves what you would find in most functional training area such as Hammer’s Gym which is a wall, a bench and your body weight. These exercises include jumping jacks, wall sits, crunches, push ups, squats, triceps dips, step ups and rotational/front/side planks. These exercises among many others can be found in Hammerfit-45 classes.

  1. 9 Minute Weight Training Session

The Journal Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise Physiologists published a paper where participants performed 8 to 12 reps of weighted exercises until failure. Some were asked to perform 5 sets, some 3 sets and the rest only 1 set. Muscle measurements showed that gains were similar across all participants over a 2 month period. All weighted exercises in this study can be performed at Hammer’s Gym on Precor equipment, the world leaders in equipment.

  1. 2 Minutes of walking 

Making time for a 30 minute walk can be challenging and busy lifestyle, but walking for just 2 minutes out of every hour is much easier to achieve. Research found that taking these 2 minutes out of every hours for walking offset the negative effects of prolonged sitting.

  1. Yoga, Yoga and more Yoga

Practicing Yoga can enhance range of motion, posture, balance and self awareness but also improving memory, Just 10 minutes of Yoga can increase connectivity between parts of the brain responsible for memory. Yoga also doesn’t require hours of dedication to get results. A study from the New York University by Loren Fishman in 2016 showed that Men and Women in their 60’s and 70’s practicing just 12 postures helped to reverse osteoporotic bone loss in the hips and spine.

  1. 10 Minutes of Mindfulness 

Just 10 minutes of mindfulness practise can create the right headspace for an anxiety free day. Owen O’Kane the clinical lead for the NHS runs private stress management classes for high profile business clients from BBC, Goldman Sachs, Bupa and Virgin Atlantic. TIP – Find somewhere quiet, set a timer for 10 minutes. Begin by first checking in with yourself. Don’t launch into the day on auto pilot.Think about how you feel weather you are stressed, angry or happy. Next accept how you are feeling. We waste much energy trying to block negative emotions when its more efficient to feel them acknowledge and let pass.

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