1. Goal Setting 

Most of us know how important goal setting is for not only fitness but personal life and finance also, Martial Arts is a powerful tool for stengthening your mind and character which will soak into other areas of your life. Get your body and mind into better shape to tackle your NY resolution and goals with Hammer’s Gym offering Australias first fully structured Muay Thai Martial Arts grading system established for 25 years. 

2. Reduced aggression

A US study on children aged 8-11 was focused on the children training in traditional martial arts focused on respecting other people and defending themselves as part of an anti-bullying course. The children were also taught how to maintain a level of self-control in heated situations.

The research found that the martial arts training reduced the level of aggression in boys, and found that they were more likely to step in and help someone who was being bullied than before they took part in training. 

This anti-agression effect is not limited to children. Another study found reduced physical and verbal aggression, as well as hostility, in teenagers who practised martial arts also.

3. Greater stress management

Some forms of martial arts, such as Brazilian Jiu Jitsu force you to focus on your breathing as the practice is reliant on full body movements and core. This martial art was linked in many studies that concluded reduced feelings of stress in participants, as well as being better able to manage stress when it is present in young to middle-aged adults.

4. Enhanced emotional well-being

Many scientists are now looking into links between emotional well-being and health in relation to Martial Arts. it’s vital to note that martial arts has been shown to emotional well being in participants. 

In a previous study, 45 older adults (aged 67-93) were asked to take part in Martial Arts training, cognitive training, or non-martial arts physical training for three to six months. The older adults in the martial arts training showed lower levels of depression post training period than both the other groups, perhaps due to its meditative aspect. It was also reported that these adults showed an improved level of self-esteem post training too.

5. Improved memory

Researchers in a previous study found that taking part in martial arts can improve a person’s working memory. Tests were used that involved recalling and repeating numbers, both in the correct order and backwards, which grew in difficulty until the participant was unable to continue. The martial arts group were better at this task than the control group. They could recall longer series of numbers. 

Evidently, there is far more to martial arts than meets the eye. Though it has been practised for self-defence and spiritual development for many hundreds of years, only recently have researchers had the methods to assess the true extent of how this practice has effected the brain.

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