Working out makes you feel good about yourself

Working out makes you feel good about yourself

People with body image issues benefit from exercise, a recent Canadian study has found.

Research published in Psychology of Sport and Exercise took 60 women with pre-existing body image issues and randomly sorted them into two groups: one group that did 30 minutes of moderate-to-vigorous exercise and another group that sat reading quietly  for 30 minutes.

The results found that those in the exercise group had significant improvements in their own body image, which lasted even after the exercise session was over.

The feeling of strength and empowerment that people, especially women, feel after they exercise makes people feel better about themselves, giving them an “improved internal dialogue” as lead author Kathleen Martin Ginis puts it. What this does is create positive thoughts and feelings about your own body to replace the negative ones.

“We all have those days when we don’t feel great about our bodies,” says Professor Martin Ginis, lead author of the study. “This study and our previous research shows one way to feel better, is to get going and exercise. The effects can be immediate.”

The researchers believe this study may contribute to a new model of body-image enhancing interventions.

So, what have you got to lose? Feel great about yourself today by getting out there and training hard at Hammer’s Gym.


‘Acute effects of exercise on women with pre-existing body image concerns: A test of potential mediators.’ (2017.)  Martin Ginis, K.A. and Salcia, L.E. Psychology of Sport and Exercise, Volume 31, July 2017, Pages 113–122.


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