Train like Thor

Actor and founder of Centr Fitness App, Chris Hemsworth, has said that boxing is the ultimate body challenge that will take your training goals to the next level. Chris Hemsworth has implemented boxing into his training routine and has found the combination of high intensity, full body, functional training to be extremely beneficial.

Adding boxing into your weekly training routine will help improve your balance, posture, hand eye coordination, boots endurance and improves upper body and core strength. In addition to this, keeping your training regime diverse helps improve motivation and reduces risk of overusing the same muscle groups.

Boxing is a full body movement that is not only fantastic for physical activity, but it has psychological benefits too. Hitting things can make you feel really good! It can take the stresses of your normal life in a safe and controlled environment, leaving you calm and relaxed.

If this interests you, we have Boxing Classes running six days a week.

Come down to Hammer’s Gym and feel these awesome benefits for yourself!

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