Surviving Lockdowns

If you’re living in Victoria you would know and understand when we say ‘what the actual hell???’ Who would have thought we would go to sleep one night to only wake up and the whole world would be changed…forever!

It is incredibly heartbreaking that this pandemic has effected so many lives, from business owners, relationships, people’s mental health and so much more. Our heart goes out to all those that have been effected. It may seem that we may be a while away from going back to any sort of normality, so what can you do during these lockdowns? We have created some helpful tips to help through these difficult times.

  1. Keep to your routine as best as you can.
  2. Regular exercise and some fresh air
  3. Healthy eating
  4. Stay connected with loved ones
  5. Read a book/watch your favourite movie and or TV series
  6. Limit yourself into how much news you watch or read
  7. Distract yourself by learning something new – example a language/cooking
  8. Set yourself small goals for each day, you always feel accomplished when you tick them off
  9. Declutter your home
  10. Be kind to yourself

Remember if you or someone you know needs to talk to someone you can always reach out to these numbers below.

Surviving Lockdowns 1

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