Know your results and own your training today!

Know your results and own your training today!

Do you know much progress you’ve made? Tired of not knowing if your program is producing results?

Introducing Hammer’s Gyms state of the art Body Analysing System. This system gives in depth break down of your body composition.

How it works

The body composition analyser functions at 3 fast and accurate frequencies passing through your body tissues producing a segmental analysis of fat and muscle tissue.

A comparison to norms is conducted based on your age, height and weights setting giving you a current and ideal health rating score.

Benefits- Moving away from the scales

Hopping on the household scales can be daunting, especially after hours in the gym where you feel like you’ve kicked all of your goals but the weight just isn’t dropping. Sound familiar? This is a common, you’re not alone.

This can be due to lean muscle mass gains which are almost impossible to measure from mum’s 15 year old trusty weight scales.

The body composition analyser provides a solution to own in on your goals at Hammers Gym.

The Analyser give you a breakdown of: % of body fat, % of skeletal and visceral fat, Body Mass Index (BMI), and nutritional assessments.

There’s no better way to reach your goals with an accurate, specific and measureable analysis. Jump off the scales today, and start seeing real results.

How to use the system to reach your goals

The system goes into a detailed analysis. Be selective in what we are measuring, with what applies to your goals. If fat loss is your primary goal, focus on percentage of fat mass, percentage of muscle mass and BMI. This will give you a good indication of where you’re at.

Have a few distinct and clear measures that reflect the set goals. NO more confusion or doubt when it comes to your fitness goals. NO more relying on the trusty old scales. Rely on the clear and accurate data!

The Best thing about Hammer’s Gym Body analyser is that it is 100% FREE to all members. Get down today to start shredding off that unwanted body fat at Hammers Gym. Booking for the Body Analysing system is essential.

Know your results and own your training today!

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