Why the Hack Squat is perfect for your training program

Why the Hack Squat is perfect for your training program

New to Hammer’s Gym: Why the Hack Squat is perfect for your training program!

Finding it difficult to perfect the barbell squat? If yes is the answer, the new Hack Squat machine will help you reach your goals at Hammer’s Gym! Including myself, many others find it difficult to perfect the squat, with constant injuries associated with heavy loading. So, the question is how to develop leg strength and size without getting injured? The Hack Squat.

Coming soon to Hammer’s Gym is the top of range Precor Hack Squat machine. The hack squat eliminates loading of the shoulders and compression of spine, with preforming the movement in an incline seated postion. The incline pressing movement specifically targets the quadriceps, calves and partially the glutes. Weight is plate loaded laterally either side of the seat, so chose the weight according to your own capacity.

This is the perfect exercise for the beginner wanting to improve their strength, as well as the more advanced trainer that wants to improve quadricep size, lower body power and strength. Ill be incorporating the new Precor Hack Squat into my leg work out. So be sure to check it out next time you’re at Hammer’s Gym. For a demonstration, ask one of our friendly staff at Hammer’s Gym.

Happy Hack Squatting!

Written by Jayden Clay

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