Hammer’s Gym’s All New Adductor/Abductor plus Workout Guide

Hammer’s Gym’s All New Adductor/Abductor plus Workout Guide

These days, it’s all about the Glutes! Everyone is trying to build that round and sculpted booty, but what exercises are helping you achieve this goal? Yes, the basic compound movements such as the squat, deadlift and hip thrust although are great for helping to build that shape, you also must use isolation accessory work to help complement these movements and hit the booty from all angles possible!

The brand new Precor Adductor/Abductor (Inner/Outer Thigh) at Hammer’s Gym will help you do just that.

How does it work?
This machine has two exercises in one! No need to get up and walk to another machine or wait for it to be available, because this machine goes from working your inner thighs to working your outer glutes, with just one simple adjustment! The thigh pads rotate 180 degrees to quickly accommodate both inner and outer thigh movements. The movement arm start position can be easily adjusted from the seated position. It features a hardened plunger and spring-loaded snap-pin assembly position adjustment with an easy-grip pull-pin for smooth adjustment. The Precor Inner/Outer also features different placements of the foot pegs to ensure proper fit of the unit to each user’s needs.

What are the benefits of using this machine?
Training these muscles will not only help you achieve that round/sculpted look you might be after but will also help you perform your other compound movements such as the deadlift, better!

What are the muscles being worked?

The abductors muscles (Gluteus Medius/Minimums/ tensor fascia latae (TFL), and sartorius) work to separate your legs and push your hips out while engaging your glutes, as you would during the lockout of a deadlift. Whereas the Adductor muscles (which are the brevis, longus, and magnus) main purpose is to bring your legs together. Working together though, the abductors and adductors can be used to stabilize you when you are in compromising positions such as being on one leg. This is perfect for those training in martial arts as you are constantly being tested on balance during your practice, such as in Muay Thai doing a roundhouse kick, you will need these stabilizer muscles to be strong when you are on one leg performing the kick.

What other exercises can I do to complement this machine?
If you are looking to implement this machine into your leg workouts but don’t know how, you can use this sample workout routine to get started! All the equipment mentioned here is readily available to use at Hammer’s Gym, 24/7!

Warm Up:
Either the treadmill, elliptical, stationary bike or the step machine on a low to moderate intensity for about 5-10 mins.

Body Part Exercise Primary/Secondary muscle(s) worked Number of repetitions/set Number  of sets
Quadriceps Barbell Squats Quadriceps/Glutes, Hamstrings 10 4
Leg Press Quadriceps/Glutes, Hamstrings 8-10 3
Hamstrings Romanian Deadlifts Hamstrings/Glutes 12 4
Lying Leg Curls Hamstrings/Glutes 10-12 3


Barbell Hip Thrusts Glutes/Hamstrings 10-12 4
Seated Abductions Gluteus Medius/Minimums/ tensor fascia latae (TFL), and sartorius 10-12 4
Seated Adductions brevis, longus, and magnus 10-12 4
Cable Kickbacks Glutes/Hamstrings 10-12 per leg 4
Calves Seated Calf Raises Soleus/Gastrocnemius 12-15 4

Cool Down:
Finish with a slow and steady cool down (like the warm up but with a little less intensity). This can be done on any of the machines mentioned earlier for the warm up, or you can stretch/foam roll.

For each exercise, try to control each movement and really engage the muscles you are targeting, making that all important mind-muscle connection! If you need ANY help at all with any of these exercises, come see our friendly staff for tips and demos.

So, what are you waiting for? Come down to Hammer’s Gym 24/7 and try our brand new Precor Inner/Outer and reap all the benefits today!

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