Busy work schedule? Here are the TOP 5 bang for buck exercises in 2019

There is a reason why all 3 powerlifting exercises feature in our top 5 (bench press/Deadlift/Squat), because they work!

  1. Front squat (bar supported on front of your shoulders rather than your back)
  • This exercise requires your spine to stay more vertical compared to a back squat. This means stronger core engagement and less stress on your lower back which helps to prevent flexion based back injuries. Most people have slight postural problems. The front squat (when performed correctly) forces you to hold your elbows parallel with the ground working postural muscles like traps and rhomboids and building better shoulder stability. Another benefit is usually greater depth achieved when compared with back squats. This is because with more core activation your lower back is less likely to flex as much as you would see in back squatting.
  1. Chin ups
  • Not many exercises are better for testing relative strength than chin ups. Extra bonus, muscular lats accentuates the popular “V TAPER” appearance, making your shoulders look wider and your waist smaller. Chin ups are great for time restraints as they require minimal equipment and can even be modified for beginners with the use of Resistance bands.
  1. Dead lift

Don’t be fooled by the look of this exercise, The Deadlift uses almost every muscle in the body. Glutes, hamstrings, lower back, traps, abdominals and forearms all work to hold the bar close to your body and prevent flexing in your spine. Deadlifting can burn heaps of calories while stimulating anabolic hormones for muscle growth and fat lose. Another great exercise when you are short on time as not much equipment is required.

  1. Seated Row

The seated Row is the best exercise for correcting posture damaged from long hour office work and sedentary lifestyle. Most of the exercises listed on this blog involve engaging the traps and rhomboids but this exercise is mainly focused on this area. This exercise will also provide greater shoulder stability strengthening your rotator cuff muscle group which is responsible for holding your shoulders in place.

  1. Bench Press

One of the most iconic exercises ever. And it’s making a comeback. Within recent years the functional training fad has taken over but the Bench Press benefits highlighted by body builders and powerlifters continue to hold true to bang for buck strength and tone building. If you are unsure of form or correct shoulder positioning ask one of our friendly trainers as there are many variations of the bench press for different goals and body types.

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