5 Tips for Staying Food Concious over Easter 

5 Tips for Staying Food Concious over Easter 

Use a Calorie Counter 

One of the most widely used tools for eating/diet control are now calorie counters. As mentioned in Hammer’s Gym blogs anf magazines these easy to install FREE apps are a big help during the Easter season. My Fitness Pal or My Net Diary are two of the most popular effective apps. Want more help? Ask Hammer’s reception about a tailor made meal plan from one of our qualified trainers.

Try Dark Chocolate over Milk chocolate

Not only is dark chocolate more flavoursome than regular chocolate, It’s also healthier. Dark chocolate contains less kilojoules and is a source of polyphenols, which are good for our health and wellbeing.

Expensive tastes are also preferable. Generally speaking, the higher the quality of chocolate, the better it is for you.

Enjoy hot cross buns in moderation

Hot cross buns are usually made with white flour and refined sugars, making them less than ideal for weight control. But you don’t have to eliminate treats such as hot cross buns from your diet. If you feel inclined to indulge, enjoy a hot cross bun without guilt. The Total Wellbeing Diet allows for a moderate daily serving of an indulgence food. Just make sure to go easy on the butter, and avoid buns infused with choc chips. You could also consider baking your own hot cross buns using wholemeal flour, and minimising any added sugars.

Stay active

It’s more than likely your Food intake will be slightly up over Easter, so try to get some training on board in terms of exercise. You’ve got the time, so use those days off over the long weekend to burn extra calories through a variety of different workouts. Hammer’s Gym classes like Boxing-Fit, Spin and HF45 offer good variety, and rev up your metabolism in the process burning calories from extra intake

Celebrate in small doses

If you have any family or social functions over the Easter weekend, be mindful of your alcohol intake. It’s loaded with calories, stimulates your appetite, reduces your will power, and can lead to fatty binges the next day when consumed to excess. Try to set yourself a limit of 1-3 alcoholic drinks, and space them out by drinking a glass of water in between. Drinks with a lower alcohol content are better for you, so consider light beers or a wine spritzer. Also be mindful of your portions of snacks that often accompany alcohol, such as potato chips, cheese, crackers and dips.


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