5 Reasons you should practice “Hanging” for shoulder health

5 Reasons you should practice “Hanging” for shoulder health

Maintaining your shoulder is important for everyone in all walks of life. One of the most beneficial bang for buck exercises emerging is the simple yet effective “hang”.

How do you hang? You find a pull up bar or set of Monkey bars, apply chalk to your hands for grip (optional) and time yourself with a stop watch. Aim to Hang for

minimum 30 seconds per Rep. It is encouraged to hang for minimum 1 minute per day for optimum benefits to your shoulders. UFC star athletes such as Conor McGregor practiced hanging in

preparation for his fights against Nate Diaz and Floyd Mayweather to maintain shoulder health during the gruelling fitness routines. Hammer’s Gym has installed Monkey Bars in the functional area

that are perfect for hanging practice. Ask one of our trainers for reception staff if you need assistance or any additional information on hanging.

#1 Achieve better Shoulder Flexion for Healthier Shoulders  

Shoulder range of motion is very important in preventing injury during exercise. Hanging is guaranteed to help you improve this. Having better flexion (Range of motion) will

Assist in general daily tasks along with exercise.  

#2 Improve Bone Density In Your Wrists

Hanging is an exercise loading your wrist joints with your entire body weight assisting in the adapting better bone density.  Loss of bone density can occurs in areas that are subject to low amounts of loading, and for many of us, that can be our forearms.

#3 Increases Your Grip Strength

Grip strength is useful for many activities from basic strength training to Martial Arts such as Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

#4 Loosen and Restore Your Pectoralis Muscles

Tight pictorials caused by poor posture or slouching while doing desk work can be a major contributor to shoulder injury. Hanging reverses the effects of poor posture by loosening your pictorials

And allowing your shoulder to reset backwards into a more stable position.  

#5 Hanging is great for recovery post intense exercise or HIIT training

Hanging will help to stretch and release your muscles post workout assisting in the recovery process. Stretching is very important for recovery and will allow you to train more

Consistently by aiding in faster recovery. Hammer’s Gym Yoga classes are a great way to stretch if you are struggling to find motivation to stretch.

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