Self Defence at Hammers Gym

Self Defence at Hammers Gym

Hammer’s Gym is hosting a self defence class on Sunday October 25th 9:30am – 11:30am for anyone who is interested. This class is to be paired up with a seminar on self defence and all proceeds are to be for the White Ribbon Australia, the organisation set up to prevent male violence against women.

Apart from the self defence seminar held on that day, the gym’s martial arts and self defence classes are a great way for anyone who is interested to get involved. Not only do the classes teach students great ways to defend themselves in every situation, it also is a great way for people to get fit, healthy and strong, working on cardio, muscle definition in the arms and legs and core strength.

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To book your spot at the seminar and class or for more information, visit  or call Hammer’s Gym at 9878 9266.

For more information on Hammer’s Martial Arts classes, the gym itself and all its facilities, call 9878 9266. 

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