George Mariolis

George Mariolis 1

Nearly 4 decades of experience in the health and fitness industry as a coach and trainer.



General Fitness – weight loss and weight management

Competitive Bodybuilding/Figure/Fitness Preparation

Strength and Conditioning for all sports: Track Athletics, Basketball, Tennis, Soccer, Australian Rules Football, Volley Ball,  Rugby, MMA, Boxing, Strongman, Power Lifting, Bodybuilding, Swimming.

                Strongman Competition preparation

                Program Development and Periodization, Correct Exercise Technique, Sub-maximal loading techniques

                Group Training – sporting clubs/Corporate and General

                Expert diet and Nutrition analysis, plans and advice


                Eating Disorders

                Motivation and Personal Development

                Exercise and Nutrition Seminars

                Bodybuilding Preparation Seminars

                Online Consultations, Exercise Programs and Diet Plans

                Online Bodybuilding Contest Prep



Graduate in Anthropology, Philosophy and Psychology – Sports psychology: motivations for exercise behavior (Melbourne University).


I am very serious when it comes to exercise, training, weight loss, and general health and well-being.  You are after all putting your health and wellbeing in MY hands.


You can be guaranteed that any advice, guidance or instruction I give regarding exercise, training, or your health will be drawn from decades of thorough and ongoing research in exercise science, physiology and methodology but ALSO from decades of practical application of those scientific principles.  This advice will be tailored to meet YOUR specific goals.


I take your health and wellbeing seriously, but at the same time I guarantee it will be fun, enjoyable and addictive.  That does not mean it won’t be challenging, testing and rigorous.


So, get ready to change your life.

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