Benefits of Fitness, Martial Arts & Kickboxing

Benefits of Fitness, Martial Arts & Kickboxing

 Did you know that 20 minutes of exercise a day has a huge number of other benefits for you? We’ve listed a few these here for you

  1. You’ll live longer and be healthier

Studies have shown that 20 minutes of exercise will reduce your risk of diabetes, cancer and other diseases.

  1. You’ll be happier

Exercise releases endorphins! We’re sure you’ve heard that before but what does it actually mean? Endorphins are basically chemicals produced by your body that inhibit pain signals through your body and produce a feeling of euphoria. This gives you feeling of happiness similar to what you get when you eat chocolate – but without the guilty feeling after!

  1. You’ll become stronger

It’s important to keep your muscles healthy not just for that perfect beach body but to help your body function properly. It can help prevent injuries if your muscles are stronger and 20 minutes of exercise a day has been found to cause immediate changes in your muscle tissue DNA. Plus – it doesn’t hurt to be able to carry all those shopping bags in one go.

If that usual routine of getting onto that treadmill and pounding away bores you or keeps you far away from the gym – why not try a Kickboxing class?

Martial arts & Kickboxing has all the benefits of gym training as well as a few more extra perks.

  1. It strengthens your muscles just like weight training
  2. Has a great cardio content to it and helps you lose weight without the boring factor
  3. Improves confidence – if someone ever confronts you, you know you’ve got this.
  4. Relieves stress – get on those bags and punch it out!
  5. Improves your concentration
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