Kyokushin Karate

What is Kyokunshin Karate

The philosophy of Kyokushin Karate looks at self-improvement, discipline and hard training.
Kyokushin Karate provides traditional martial arts training focusing on co-ordination, balance, flexibility, strength, self-defence and fighting techniques.


This kind of martial art improves your physical fitness, mental health, speed and power. Sensei Pat and all his Instructors believe that the spiritual aspects of Kyokushin Karate helps overcome any battle whether it be physical or mental, which gives free reign to access our inner abilities and possibilities.

self-defence & fun!!
We pride ourselves on offering a positive learning environment with a great energy and attitude while
teaching our students and sharing the culture of these amazing martial arts.

Only a few limited spots available.
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Kyokushin Karate 2


Patrick Pinto

Kyokushin Karate 3

Senpai Pat Pinto is the Kyokushin Karate Head Instructor at Hammers Gym via Budo Kyokushin Karate Australia.

Pat holds a Nidan ( 2nd Dan Black Belt) under Shihan Bill Poly (6th Dan) through the All Japan Kyokushin Union.
Entering his 15th year in the arts, Patrick was numerous times State (06,09,14) and National (08,11) Full Contact Karate Champion in Middleweight within various Kyokushin groups tournaments ( Union, AKKA, ShinKyokushin).

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