Kids Kix (6-12yrs, boys & girls)

What is ‘Kids Kix?

Hammer’s Gym Kids Kix Program is a structured Muay Thai curriculum accredited by the World Muay Thai Association. Classes run twice a week from 4:30pm on Tuesday and Thursday, during school term.

Kids Kix provides a fun and engaging session that will improve your child’s self-confidence and self-awareness, and keep them healthy and strong.


Bully Prevention:

Bully Prevention begins with confidence and discipline.

The Muay Thai Kickboxing taught in Kids Kix helps stop bullying by building up children’s confidence.
Kids Kix also enhances confidence through inclusion, so that children don’t resort to bullying for peer attention or approval, and helps them to realise more positive alternatives.


The success and achievement that children experience during Martial Arts training is proven to enhance self-esteem. Self-respect and confidence is built as the techniques and exercises are learned. Activities like gradings and tournaments develop skills that lead to success in life, including school, home and later as a professional adult.

Goal Achievement:
It is important that children learn from an early age that persistence, determination and hard work pays off. Kids Kix encourages this mentality through the structured grading system, where students have the opportunity to advance through the ranks as their skill level increases, and can partake in closely controlled tournaments and sparring sessions.

Clearer Focus:
Kids Kix gradually develops children’s focus until they are able to participate in the entire class without distraction. The regular physical exercise of Muay Thai Kickboxing coupled with engaging activities, builds attention and focus, which can then be applied to the child’s daily life.

The Kids Kix program contains a progressive series of movements adapted from the adult Muay Thai Kickboxing curriculum that improves coordination. Eventually, students will be required to combine techniques into a fluid string of movements as they partake in more classes. These combinations develop specific and sequential coordination of the body.

Physical Fitness:
Enrolling children in a regular exercise class encourages a healthy lifestyle, and gives them an enjoyable activity with friendly and knowledgeable instructors and happy classmates. Kids Kix provides students with many physical benefits including strength, stamina, focus, endurance, balance and co-ordination.


Kids Tournaments:
Hammer’s Gym offers the ‘Kids Kix’ students the opportunity to put their learning and efforts into practice by hosting regular sparing tournaments. This gives the students a healthy sense competition and achievement.

Fully Structured Grading System:
Hammer’s Gym teaches a fully structured Muay Thai Kickboxing curriculum which is adapted to children, to incorporate a progressive grading system. The curriculum has been taught for the past 20 years and was developed by Kru Mark Castagnini.

Member Availability

Available to Primary Schoolers aged 6-12 years old.

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