5 Benefits of Weight Training

5 Benefits of Weight Training

Weight training has a huge number of benefits which can generally be overlooked, especially by women. It’s not all about getting ripped and huge. We’ve listed 10 benefits of weight training which are useful for men and women who are looking to get fit.

  1. Builds Muscles

This one’s pretty obvious and it’s the first thing people think of when someone says weight training. With enough training, you’ll get muscle growth but with the right type of training, you can get muscle toning and definition as well.

  1. Burns Fat and Calories

You might not have known this one. An intense weight lifting session can burn up to 500 calories! In addition, the strength training and metabolic training you get from weights stimulates fat breakdown and release which increases your body’s metabolism. This occurs for a long while after you’ve finished training. So besides the calories you burn while you’re weight training, you’ll continue to burn them for hours after!

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  1. Muscle Burns Calories at Rest

Muscle has been proven to lift your resting metabolic rate which means you’ll be burning calories when you’re on your couch watching your favourite TV show or even sleeping.

  1. Bone Strength

Weight training will strengthen your bones & increase bone density which reduces risks of fractures and osteoporosis. Osteoporosis is known to be more common in women than in men so ladies, this one’s for you!

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  1. Stress Reduction

Weight training just like any other exercise will release endorphins which are the chemicals which induce euphoria or the feeling of happiness you get when eating chocolate. This chemical reduces the pain you feel and leave you on a high for a while which is perfect for reducing your stress levels.

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